Insurer salutes Saps work

Old Mutual hosted the local Saps management to reflect on their long standing relationship, and to discuss ways in which the moral regeneration movement (MRM) could be upheld for the betterment of society.

The breakfast meeting was held to strengthen relations between the two stakeholders by commending work done by the police for communities they serve.

Saps head major general Funeka Siganga said they had graced the meeting with the understanding that police could only achieve significant milestones if they worked together with stakeholders.

The MRM concept was introduced by the late Nelson Mandela after he realised there was there was increased moral decay in the communities we live in, which he also termed the ‘RDP of the soul’. The movement was introduced as a means to resuscitate morality among all citizens of this country. MRM starts with one person who has a choice to either do right or wrong. I have the responsibility to encourage those who are doing right and also act according to the law against those who do wrong so that people can be protected.”

Siganga said one of the most important responsibilities Saps had were in relation to complaints from people who felt they were not served well when they requested the assistance of police officers.

When a crime is reported, the complainant must be given a progress report of the investigation underway so they know something is being done. Today we form part of this collective to declare we are servants and we will do everything the law allows us to ensure people are safe.”

Old Mutual area manager Violet Boucher praised Saps for the work they had been doing, indicating they deserved their “every salute” for going beyond the call of duty to ensure law and order were maintained and lives were saved.

This is what makes this event an auspicious occasion because we invited special people. Men and women who do not often get appreciated but Old Mutual decided to do that on everyone’s behalf. Our relationship is a significant one, as you uphold the law and protect people in this area, Old Mutual is equally dedicated to ensure we enable positive futures for your families and all citizens of the this country. Our thriving relationship stems from way back, I would be telling an untruth if I said it began in 1974 because Old Mutual existed long before then but this specific business unit called the MRM started on this year.”

Boucher said the financial organisation prided itself on being a responsible business that took upon itself to remember strong partnerships which are essential to ensure a bright future for all.

Border-Kei Chamber of Business administrator Adre Bartis spoke about the importance of formidable leaders of society who were responsible to empower future young leaders.

A leader will always show their leadership qualities in everything they do which results in people being inspired to do positive things. Being a leader is not about dominance, but a mutual relationship charged by respect from all parties involved.

I get excited when a woman is in a leadership position because we still fall short of correcting past imbalances when men dominated senior positions. Women were constantly judged at face value whether they could take up certain positions or not, and not judged based on the work they put in, hence we are still at 1.12% for women in leadership positions in business particularly.”

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