Residents invite municipality to discuss service issue solutions

Komani residents have invited officials from Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality to gather at the Dugmore Hall in Prince Alfred Street on Monday to discuss issues pertaining to service delivery in Komani.

Victoria Park resident, Bishop Reyalno Booyce, said the meeting was solely arranged for locals to voice their concerns around issues faced by citizens in the area. “These issues include the shortage of water, electricity and the delay of refuse removal. These issues have been persistent and there have been constant apologies made by the local authority. We do not want to stage a protest, but we want to sit down, brainstorm and come up with amicable solutions to solve the problems. The meeting is to ensure that an explanation is given. We know there is a problem and we are not going to put much emphasis on the problems because they are evident. We want to apply our efforts and employ our minds to find long-lasting solutions.”

Booyce said the planned meeting was not politically driven and required unity and requested residents to attend the meeting, scheduled to start at 6.30pm. “This is about coming together as residents of this business hub to work on a plan to bring about the right balance in Komani. There are citizens of Komani who are paying municipal rates for services they do not receive. We want to hear from the officials what detailed plans they have in place to eliminate these issues.”

Booyce added that this was the first meeting and they were hoping to reach an agreement to hold quarterly meetings to revisit the issues raised in previous meetings. “We want to work together with the municipality and there is no way that they can hide the destructive situation currently faced by the community. We concerned residents want to revive and restore the beauty of this town,” he said.

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