Louis Rex U13 hockey team takes on Old Crocks

As Louis Rex Primary School celebrated its 80th anniversary last weekend, the U13 hockey squad showed off their skills in a friendly match against the Old Crocks at the Thobi Kula Indoor Sport Centre.

Sports convener Ronald Williams said the school decided to include parental involvement and teacher participation in the array of sporting activities that took place at the centre on Saturday.

He said the game between the two teams which ended in a 4-4 draw was balanced in terms of skill. He commended the U13 team for their performance.

What helped the Old Crocks was the fact that they had a lot of rolling subs and I chose the seven boys from the U13s because I wanted to see if they could endure. I told them it was not about winning. We were not even interested in the scores. To us it was about having fun. I had invited the old team that I had started 23 years ago to play against my current U13 hockey team. This was a big thing to me and it meant a lot. The challenge, however, is that we do not have any sports facilities. We are grateful that the National Lottery Commission has assisted with funds to develop our fields. We will utilise the fields for all the sports codes and we are hoping that, in due time, we will soon be able to use the field.”

Williams said the school was, at the moment, using an open space behind the premises, indicating that it was not conducive, especially for the safety of the pupils.

It is dangerous and it happens that we have to rush players to clinics and doctors. If we can get a proper facility I think our school can go further than where we are right now.”

One of the Old Crocks members, Arashad Adams, applauded the school for the initiative. “The function itself is something nice for the community because it is an opportunity to reintroduce sport to our areas. I think, apart from celebrating their birthday, the school wanted to include sport in the programme. I am happy to be here and to see that the school is still going strong and is reintroducing these things to the community. I haven’t played in 23 years so one is a bit stiff, but we played for fun and managed to win one game . It was a good game and I hope pupils at the school understand that there are great opportunities and they should start focusing on what they want in life,” said Adams.

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