Southbourne celebrates and looks forward to many more

Southbourne Primary School recently celebrated 60 years of learning and being part of the Komani community.

The school held week long celebrations which ended with a day out on the course at the Queenstown Golf Club.

The week had started with a tribute service and had a host of activities that included a sport day, with learners playing netball and hockey. Learners also entertained parents and community members in attendance with live performances during a fiesta day.

During the week, 10 trees were planted in celebration of Arbor Month. In attendance was Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality mayor, Luleka Gubula, who addressed the parents and pupils alike.

“Six decades is a huge milestone for an institution of learning. Because, while a school is easy to sustain as children are born everyday, some schools have disappeared into irrelevance and left redundant due to poor governance and poor tuition,” said Gubula.

She also condemned violence against women and children and pledged support for the school as it moved forward.

“The scourge of women abuse and blatant violence is targeting girls from primary to tertiary education. As we strongly rebuke this evil, we must find strength in this celebration to foster a safer schooling environment and nurture a more kind and loving society.

“We are here to say forward to excellence and to fuel the lamp of education that continues to beam over Queenstown and Enoch Mgijima Municipality through the efforts of leadership and staff of Southbourne. Enoch Mgijima pledges its support through our available resources for the growth of the school and replication of its excellence across our public schooling system,” she said.

School principal, Marelise Bekker, wrote a poem in tribute to Komani where she called for “truth, hope and love for the children of this land”. She thanked those who supported the school during the celebrations.

“We wish to thank the Komani community for their support during our 60th birthday celebrations held from September 1 to 7. Our school has developed into a full primary school and with the changeover from a preparatory to a primary school.

“We have seen some incredible milestones in the last eight years. We have a new school song, a school flag and we are still developing our infrastructure to be able to offer a wider variety of school subjects and sport.

“We would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to our guest speakers and sponsors who contributed towards the success of this very special celebration week,” said Bekker.

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