Surge in murder, and rape

The latest crime statistics in the Komani cluster policing area reveal an increase in murder in Mlungisi, Cacadu and Stutterheim while rapes were up in Ilinge and Comfimvaba.

Mlungisi murder rates went up by 20% from 25 to 30 cases reported in the 2018/2019 financial year. Meanwhile, attempted murders shot up to 60% from five to eight cases reported and rape decreased by 7% from 71 to 66 cases.

Minister of police, Bheki Cele, released the country’s crime statistics on Thursday last week bearing a 3.4% increase in the country’s murder rate, with an average of 58 people murdered daily. The minister indicated that the majority of the incidents occurred on weekends. Sexual crimes had gone up by 4.6% nationally while attempted murder increased by 4.1%.

On the contrary, in Mlungisi, sexual offences had dropped by 3.8%. Burglaries at non-residential properties however were up by 9.4% and 33.2% at residential properties. Theft of vehicles had dropped by 57.1% and stock theft went down by 21.4% from 14 cases to 11.

In Komani, attempted murders showed a sharp increase of 533,3% from 3 to19 cases while murders decreased by 14,3% from 14 to 12. Robberies at residential premises were up by 100% from 4 cases to 8 and at non-residential premises had increased by 33,3%. Burglaries at non-residential premises, however, increased by 13.5% from 96 to 109 and decreased by 27.1% from 192 to 140 at non-residential properties.

The total of contact crimes in the area (assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (GBH) were down by 7.7%, common assault was down by 16.4% and common robbery down by 26.8%. The total of contact crimes were down by 8.6%. Rape went down by 10,9% (from 55 cases to 49) sexual assault went down from 6 to 3 while sexual offences in general were down by 6.5%. Theft out of vehicles had decreased by 25.9% and stock theft went down by 26.7%. The total of property-related crimes had decreased by 24.4%

In Cacadu, murders were up by 12.5% from 40-45 and attempted sexual offences went up by 66.7%. Stock theft increased by 96% (from 25 to 49), common robbery shot up by 93.3% (15 to 29) and commercial crime was up by 87% from 16 to 30. Robberies at residential properties went up by 100% from 4 to 8. Burglaries at residential properties were up by 5.4%. Rape was down by 13.5%.

Ilinge rapes shot up by 90% (from 20 to 38) and the total number of sexual offences also went by up by 69.6% from 23 to 39. Murders had decreased by 16.7% from12 to 10.

Assault GBH cases had increased by 46.5% (43 to 63). Total contact crimes were up by 47% (from 115 to169). Burglaries at residential properties increased by 58.6% (29 to 46) and stock theft remained at eight cases reported.

Assault GBH increased by 4.6% from 109-114 cases in Ezibeleni. Common robbery showed a 50% rise while rape numbers remained at 52 cases reported. Burglaries at non-residential premises were up by 5.0% and by 32.1% at residential properties. Stock theft cases increased by 28%. Meanwhile, murder showed a 8.3% decrease and sexual offences were down by 1.7% in total.

In Sterkstroom, assault GBH increased by 9.6% from 52 to 57. Common assaults went up by 77.7% (9 to16). Stock theft went down from 45 to 23. Meanwhile murders went down by 14.3% (7 to 6) and rape cases fell by 14.3%.

The Stutterheim murder rate is up by 10% while rape remains at 39. Robberies at residential premises increased by 28.2 % from 7 to 9 and burglaries at residential properties were up by 200%. Stock theft fell by 18.9%.

In Cathcart, burglaries at non-residential properties increased by 10.7%. Murder remained at 5 cases and the total for contact crimes decreased by 33.3 %. Rape fell by 44.4% (18 to10) while stock theft was down by 7.9%.

Stock theft went up by 140.9% (22 to53 cases reported) in Dordrecht and common robbery went up by 87.5% (from 8 to15 cases). Murder decreased by 33.3 % (from 3 to 2) and rape dropped by 7.7% while burglaries at residential properties were down by 1.5% (from 67 to 66).

Cofimvaba rape cases increased by 20.3% (64 to 77). Commercial crime went up by 27.7% from 47 to 60 cases. Robberies at non-residential properties were up by 22.2%. The murders remained unchanged with 80 cases while stock theft remained unchanged at 40 cases reported.

In Tarkastad, residential burglaries went up by 124% from 29 to 65. Murders were down by 20% and rape went down by 33.3%. Stock theft was down 2.3%.

Numbers for Whittlesea were not available at the time of going to print.

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