Partnership bears fruit for Ekuphumleni

NEW BEGINNING: Umckaloabo Foundation members from Germany and Ekuphumleni High School pupils planting trees on Monday Picture: SUPPLIED

Fifty fruit trees were planted at Ekupghumleni High School on Monday as part of the Umckaloabo Foundation’s annual Africa Run fundraising project, of which Ekuphumleni is the 2019 recipient.

The tree planting was the culmination of a vision shared between the Umckaloabo Foundation and the school.

The initiative is also a symbol of a long-lasting impact they hope to make with the project to benefit future pupils.

Louisa Feiter, of the Samara Foundation, one of the partners in the Africa Run project, said: “The visit and tree planting was a great success.

“It was beautiful to see everyone coming together to make this happen and it shows that everyone is committed to this project.”

Feiter said department of education officials had also attended the successful event. “Ekuphumleni High School and the Samara Foundation thank everyone who made the tree planting possible – from the parents and teachers who worked hard to make sure everything was ready, to the individuals who donated the materials to make it a reality,” she said.

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