Street children living in burnt down building causing upset

CRIME HAVEN: The Sandringham Sports Club building after a fire destroyed it in March. It has been reported to be a health hazard and a hiding place for criminals Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA

Van Coller Avenue residents who live near the Sandringham Sports Club that was destroyed by a fire in March, are demanding that the building be demolished by the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality.

They claim it has become a home for street children who pose a threat to their safety.

Bella Mfenyana said residents felt unsafe in their homes and walking past the building.

On Sunday, my husband was attacked and robbed by six street children on his way home from the supermarket.

This was not the first incident. I do not allow my child to wear sneakers when he is outside because these youths force our children to take them off.

Not so long ago, two boys were heard screaming because their bikes had been snatched from them.

She said they also stole items from people’s yards.

Mfenyana said the premises had become a dump site, as the street children took garbage bags from residents’ pavements there to rummage through.

She said she had also been threatened by the street children, who said they knew she had asked the police to remove them.

I’ve reported the issue to ward councillor Zuko Mandile for quite some time and he calls the police to remove them, but they always return.”

Her husband, Mkhululi, was not allowed to open a case on Wednesday at the Komani police station, after he was allegedly robbed by the street children . Police spokesperson Namhla Mdleleni said: “An inquiry about the case issue would be conducted. However, removing the street children is department of social development’s responsibility.”

Department of social development spokesperson, Gcobani Maswana, said the department would “partner with other government departments and come up with a solution”.

EMLM spokesperson Gcobani Msindwana had not commented by the time of going to print.

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