Family in dire need after house caught fire

After losing her husband in a fire two years ago in Ezibeleni, a despairing mother of two is desperately seeking intervention from any Good Samaritan willing to assist her family.

Nosakhele Nqabisa, who is living in a small shack behind her dilapidated house in kwaThemba in Ezibeleni, reached out to The Rep for help.

She said her life took a turn for the worse when a mysterious fire gutted her house on the night of December 11, 2017 destroying everything they had. “My husband was alone in the house. I was in Johannesburg when this happened. I received a call from a neighbour who told me about it. I still do not know what caused the fire, but I was told it started in the main bedroom where my husband is believed to have been sleeping. His body, however, was found in the kitchen.”

Nqabisa said she was away because she had found a job as a domestic worker in Johannesburg to save money for her daughter’s university tuition. “I was preparing to return home when the tragedy struck. I rushed back.”

Nqabisa, who lives with her son, daughter and five grandchildren in the miniature shack said life was not easy and they were trying to survive with the little they had

I am the only one with a job. The R1 500 I get and my grandchildren’s social grants assist with our daily needs. It’s hard to be in a small space with everyone. It is hard to even bath because there are boys and girls who sometimes want their privacy. The sleeping arrangement is also a struggle. There is a lot of risk that comes with living in this small space. I am in a stressful situation and hardly sleep. Losing my husband has been a painful experience. People who were present that day said maybe if there was water to put out the fire, he might have been rescued. I am not blaming anything or anyone. All I am asking for is help,” she said.

If we could at least get roofing I would appreciate it so we can move back to our old house. Anyone who can help with anything, it would mean a lot and would make a difference.” Nqabisa can be reached on 073-1314 803.

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