Three in court on murder charge

Residents of New Zone, Dongwe, protested outside the Whittlesea magistrate’s court yesterday demanding three people accused of murder to be denied bail.

The three are accused of murdering Mzoxolo Dayimani, 36, who was found dead on the morning of New Year’s Day.

The three accused, include Dayimani’s erstwhile girlfriend, 42, who close friends and family members described as having an on-and-off relationship with him.

It is alleged that Dayimani’s former partner visited him at his home on New Year’s Eve with her daughter, 23, and the daughter’s boyfriend, 27.

Dayimani was found by a community member in the early hours of January 1, and described his body as being riddled with stab wounds and lying on a pool of blood.

The three accused were arrested on the same night when two of them were trying to hitchhike out of town.

It was the third time the three appeared in court. The bail hearing was postponed twice because the court had not obtained the profiles of the accused.

Community members who protested outside the court said: “There is no space for these three in Dongwe.”

Mathabo Elandi, one of the protestors, said: “We community members are deeply hurt by what happened. Dayimani was someone who was never involved in any crime.”

The protestors delivered a petition to the court demanding the accused be denied bail.

It is time for violence to stop in the community. This crime was very brutal and perpetrated by females. We always speak of women abuse, but women masterminded Dayimani’s death with one man.

We demand they do not get bail and if they do, they must not be released back into the community, but go somewhere else. Not in Enoch Mgijima or Chris Hani but to other provinces,” said Elandi.

Sandile Dyonase, a family member, said: “It is fit that they should be arrested and the law must take its course.”

At the time of going to print the court had not decided if the three accused would get bail.

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