Queen’s boys grade 8 camp at Igoda Mouth

It was a great start to the new year for Queen’s College grade 8 pupils who recently headed to Lekkeroord Camp site at Igoda Mouth near East London for an orientation programme.

According to grade head, Tyrone Rankin, the camp was the first of its kind at the institution which was designed to, among other things, teach the boys about the school’s great history and traditions.

“This year we have 121 grade 8 boys in our school and we thought the camp could be used as an ideal opportunity for them to get to know one another, do some team-building exercises and get through some of the admin before school starts. We did this so that when they arrived they would have made new friends and would not be overwhelmed with all the information and admin, all at once. It was also an opportunity for the grade 8 boys to meet the prefects and teachers and for them to interact, making it easier to transition between junior school and senior school.

“To my knowledge this is the first grade 8 camp the school has had. Queen’s College has been very keen to add to our school’s rich traditions and history and this camp will hopefully be something that, over the years, all new grade 8s will be excited about,” said Rankin.

He added that the boys took part in a number of team-building activities, indicating that this was a great way to break down barriers between them. “They did some activities which challenged their critical thinking abilities and got them to look at challenges from different perspectives. The boys also enjoyed a day on the beach where they did different things such as paddle boarding, sand castle building, water races and a very interesting game of hand soccer. The beauty of the camp was that the activities the boys did were things they might not have done before and they faced challenges that they needed to solve together.”

Rankin said the boys and parents were welcomed to the school on Monday evening last week by headmaster, Janse van der Ryst.

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