Ipid investigates shooting of 16-year-old girl

BRUTALITY: An initiate and a Lingelihle resident wait for an ambulance to arrive at Ilinge Clinic following an attack allegedly by a police officer Picture: SUPPLIED

A 16-year-old girl from Lingelihle High School was accidentally shot in the leg when a policeman attempted to break up a fight between groups of schoolboys and initiates.

Grade 10 pupil Chunyiswa Jada, 16, said she was on her way home from school when the incident occurred in Ilinge.

“There were about 20 people fighting, with two policemen trying to stop them.

“Some of the boys ran towards my friend and me.

“A policeman took out a gun and started to shoot,” she said.

“I continued walking a little way and then saw blood gushing out of my leg.

“I did not feel the bullet.

“The policeman who shot me then rushed me to the clinic.

“He seemed to be drunk.

“On our way to the clinic, he did not say a word. This has really shocked me and I am in enormous pain,” she said.

Her mother, Pelokazi, said she had rushed to the clinic after hearing about the incident, where she found her daughter’s wound had been dressed.

“My sister and I went to the police station where we found the policeman who had shot my daughter beating up an initiate who was involved in the fight.

“He was beating him with a rod. He used the back of the gun to hit him on the back of his head and on his jaw,” she said.

They were asked to wait outside for the station commander.

“I was told the bullet was meant to scare away the group.

“But why did the policeman not shoot upwards, why did he not use a rubber bullet but opted for live ammunition?

“I told the station commander I would open a case against the policeman who injured my daughter.

“I demanded that the policeman who had shot my daughter come forward, but the station commander refused and told us to call [police minister] Bheki Cele if we want.”

When they returned to the clinic, the ambulance, which was summoned at 3pm, only arrived at 9pm, by which time her daughter in agony.

While Chunyiswa was released from Frontier Hospital on Thursday, Pelokazi said the initiate who had been beaten and was taken to hospital in the same ambulance, was still hospitalised with a broken arm and an injured jaw.

Sontaga Seisa, of the Independent police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) said: “The police reported the discharge of a police firearm. We are investigating the matter but no arrests have been made.”

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