Grandparents overwhelmed as boy, 9, given new uniform

Lina Mkile sat sobbing in her living room at Ezibeleni after her family had been visited by Good Samaritans.

“I do not know how to thank you. Today I know God is real.”

Mkile’s grandson, 9, had received new school uniform donated by Sandy Boy, owner of Lukhanji SuperSpar who was accompanied by Let’s Talk Komani and Komani Residents’ Association (Kora) representatives.

“Words are not enough. We did not know what we were going to do. He came back from school today because he had no shoes. I went around asking for help. I got R100 which I used to buy him a new pair,” said the overwhelmed grandmother.

She said the boy wanted to quit school as he was embarrassed when other children made fun of him because of his patched uniform and worn shoes.

“We did not know what to do. This child cries often. It pains us. We do not know how to help him because we have nothing. We were sure he would quit school,” said Nunuse Mkile, the grandfather.

“You cannot allow your grandchild to quit school because if he does he will never get a job,” said Boy to the grandparents.

“When a business wants to employ people, they must to have matric. Encourage him to get to matric. This is a small investment from my company to you to get him there. When I invest in your child you need to keep me with you and I need to see his report in June,” she said.

The boy was one of five Minah T Soga Primary School pupils who got new uniforms last Friday.

Thembeka Dlangisa, who also lives in Ezibeleni said her daughter, 12, was going to have to wait until March for new uniform.

“I have three children. I can only buy one uniform per month. This month I bought for the one in high school. Teachers did not understand. She was about to be sent home.”

The initiative was undertaken by Kora as part of a ‘back to school’ campaign.

“We received a list of 57 pupils so we approached Let’s Talk Komani and through that Boy committed herself to helping.

“Today it was five, but our aim is to help as many as we can. This is just a start. We will monitor these children and make sure they are learning. Next year we hope to help more people,” said Zolile Xhalisa, a Kora member.

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