Former CHDM MM faces jail time

IN THE HEAT: Former Chris Hani District Municipality municipal manager, Moppo Mene faces possible jail time for contempt of court      Picture: SUPPLIED

Makhanda Local Municipality mayor, Mzukisi Mphalwa and municipal manager (MM), Moppo Mene were each given a six months suspended sentence today at the Grahamstown High Court.

The two were found in contempt of the court after they failed to comply with a 2015 court order relating to a waste landfill site in Makhanda.

Judge Miki Mfenyane ruled that Mphalwa and Mene were in willful contempt saying: “They were fully aware of the conditions of the site, the environmental hazard posed by the toxic state, the current fires which spring up from time to time at the site, and the health risk it poses to the residents of Grahamstown.”

The case was brought before the court by the Makana Unity League (MUL), a civic organization in Grahamstown.

Mene, who is the former MM of Chris Hani District Municipality, also faces the possibility of being charged with perjury, after Judge Minki ordered the court’s registrar to forward his affidavit to the National Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mene had submitted to the court that all the terms of the 2015 order had been met. This was disputed by the MUL, providing photographic evidence of the state of the site.

Mfenyane and Mene have 30 working days to comply with the 2015 court order.


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