Jazz legend switches to radio

A Komani jazz maestro started his new radio show, Music Experience on Vukani Fm last Friday and listeners will get the chance to interact and discuss issues facing musicians and artists in general.

Jazz legend Mlungisi Gegana is no novice on the airwaves. He started his radio career at the temporarily closed Lukhanji Fm and now has more than a year’s experience before the console mixer.

Gegana said he wanted listeners to his show to reminisce about music in the Chris Hani area from as far back as they could remember, and pay homage to groups and individuals – fallen or alive – for their contribution to the industry.

I want music and art lovers to interact with one another and speak about how the arts influence our daily lives and how this could be used as a vehicle to get messages across. My knowledge of music in this area goes as far back as the 1920s, but I know there is a wealth of important information from earlier than that.”

Gegana said he wanted to discuss issues facing artists currently and what government could do to support the arts.

As a musician myself I have heard many complaints from artists about the lack of support from the department responsible for assisting them. I have had my own share of disappointments from the said department and it would be good for all parties involved to discuss matters on a public platform. Aggrieved people do not always have inside knowledge of why things are not done a certain way. The platform will have the chance to provide clarity and learn from artists what they actually need. Sometimes we complain about matters because we do not know any better. My radio show will ensure everyone has a voice and hopefully positive things will come forth.”

Music Experience airs every Friday from 12 to 3pm with an hour’s current affairs in between.

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