Store display window dumped illegally

ILLEGAL DUMPING: Broken window panes from the Ackermans store at Nonesi Mall is illegally dumped beside the road to Ezibeleni Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA

Ackermans display windows were found illegally dumped on the side of the road to Ezibeleni, near the SPCA, on Friday.

The three sheets of glass were apparently removed from the Nonesi Mall store while it is being renovated, after it burned down last year.

An anonymous local subcontractor who was awarded the tender to dispose of the glass, said it was dumped by two of his staff members who had been instructed to take it to the tip site.

However, the two staff members dumped it at the side of the road without his knowledge.

“They allege they turned into the tip but were mobbed at the gate and were worried about their safety so they left.

“They then proceeded to dump the glass in the area it was found,” he said.

The subcontractor said he did not condone illegal dumping, but he had had a similar experience at the tip last month when he had sped through a group of people at the gate who were heading for him.

“I complained to the security guard at the gate and said something needed to be done about the situation,” he said.

“I arranged for a TLB and a tip truck to clean the site where the glass and other refuse was dumped.

“I will ensure it does not happen again.”

The subcontractor said the two staff members were issued with written warnings.

Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) spokesperson Lonwabo Kowa said after the municipality’s cleaning campaign, refuse bags had again piled up at illegal dumping sites, including along the road to Ezibeleni.

“This practice is undoing all the hard work put in by EMLM in a campaign to clean illegal dumping sites.

“Households were educated on the importance of a clean environment and hazards related to illegal dumping.

“The practice of irresponsible dumping has a negative impact on climate change,” Kowa said.

He added that households were permitted to dump their refuse at the landfill site free of charge.

“Construction rubble and garden waste may also be dumped at the landfill site free of charge.

“Only trucks and vans that do it for business are compelled to buy a coupon at the municipal offices before dumping at the landfill site.”

In response, Ackermans chief executive of operations, Spencer Radebe, said: “Since being made aware of the illegal dumping of building materials that were removed from an Ackermans store, we have since received confirmation from the subcontractor and property management team that the matter has been dealt with.

“As a company, we do not condone illegal dumping of any kind.”

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