EFF to pay ‘nice special visits’ to businesses that don’t comply with lockdown

The EFF has vowed to enforce a Covid-19 shutdown of businesses not observing regulations.

This comes as the nationwide shutdown limits business to essential services only. The national lockdown began at midnight on Thursday and will continue until April 16.

On the party’s official Twitter account on Thursday, the EFF said it intended to pay “nice special visits” to businesses not observing regulations of the lockdown.

Economic Freedom Fighters


We call on all EFF Regions to visit the South African Brewery (SAB) firms within their region and ensure they are shutdown.

SAB does not provide an essential service and as such should adhere to the rules of the

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The EFF also called on those being forced to work during the lockdown to anonymously report their employers and said they could do so by sending direct messages to the party’s Twitter account.

Economic Freedom Fighters


We call on all employees, who are being forced to work during this or to sign leave forms to send us a DM on Twitter with the company name and address. So that we can give them a Nice Special Visit.

Not all services are essential services.

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Last week, red beret leader Julius Malema called on businesses not to try to maximise profits during the crisis.

He said business leaders should put human lives first, instead of trying to make money.

“We don’t want to see anyone taking advantage during this disaster, trying to steal from the poorest of the poor,” said Malema.

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