Ezibeleni granny celebrates turning 100

AFTER MANY YEARS: Nondova Mfaxa celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday at her home in Ezibeleni Picture: NTSIKELELO QOYO

If there is an elixir for Eternal life, gogo Nondova Mfaxa knows nothing about it, nor is she interested in any magic potion.

Mfaxa was surrounded by great-grandchildren, grandchildren and her four children on Saturday when she celebrated reaching the 100 year milestone.

“I cannot lie and say I have done anything special. The truth is, it is God’s providence,” said Mfaxa, who, despite being partially blind and deaf still has a commanding voice and articulated herself with humour.

“Honour the Lord your God and have no other God besides me,” quoted Mfaxa.

“Young people must honour God. Other than that, there is really nothing else to it.”

The centenarian said she had no interest in growing any older as she was finding old age inconvenient to her as she loved to be out and about and keep busy.

“I am sickly now and I am surprised I have reached this age. I used to be sickly when I was growing up, but funnily enough here I am.

Mfaxa, who is a retired teacher, said she grew up an orphan, having never known either of her parents.

“I grew up with my aunt Echumakalo as my parents abandoned me and I never had the privilege of knowing them.”

As for how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren Mfaxa has, she reckons in old age it is no use trying to keep count.

“There are just too many to remember. My grandchildren are the ones who insisted we have a celebration. I guess old age is a blessing.”

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