Komani resident feeds elderly in Sassa grant queues

Heart-warming messages went out to a Komani resident who gave out sandwiches to old-age pensioners as they waited in long queues for their social grants on Tuesday.

Pictures of Asanda Lisa, an assistant branch manager at Capitec Bank, were circulated on social media where she is spotted handing out homemade sandwiches to the social grant beneficiaries in Cathcart Road. Scores of people who admired the good gesture posted heartfelt messages saying they were emotionally touched by this act of kindness.

Speaking to The Rep, Lisa said the idea came after she had read a report about two elderly women who had died while waiting in queues at Sassa paypoints in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

“Working at a bank, I have firsthand experience of people who wait in long queues. Most of these old people arrive in the wee hours of the morning to collect their social grants and they go hungry as the day progresses. So I thought of making a few sandwiches to hand out.”

Lisa, who was not on duty at the time, said she was overwhelmed and grateful by the amount of response received. She said she would continue giving out sandwiches to the elderly every end of the month during social grant payments.

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