“We can conquer this Covid-19 crisis confidently and fearlessly”

Simbongile Pambuka, pharmacist at Magers Pharmacy

I am writing this in my capacity as a pharmacist. We are in a challenging season, the Covid-19 crisis. It has been sad observing the trauma and depression in our province and district. This crisis is not a government or municipal problem, but a community challenge but with regulations we can control and contain the spread of the virus.

In some instances some healthcare providers (private and public) who are Covid-19 positive continue working, sometimes due to pressures exerted on them by circumstances or mere ignorance. The public, certain employees of businesses included, who are Covid-19 positive roam around town as usual and these are part of the contributing factors to the cluster outbreaks we observe.

I call upon the mayor and the Chris Hani municipal health cluster to engage the experienced health care workers to contain and control this projected spread. Pharmacists and doctors in the private sector are open to provide advice and assist where needed.

This reckless behaviour needs to stop and we must continue educating citizens about responsible living. Truth be told, the majority of citizens are responsible and doing their best to conquer the crisis. At the pharmacy, by God’s grace as busy as we are, operating since lockdown started, we have no Covid-19 cases, meaning the precautionary measures we have in place are working. Temperature screening is important as part of the precautions and I would encourage it for all businesses and organisations.

We have been fortunate to be an interlink between patients, doctors, hospitals, clinics and businesses and this made me see the bigger picture in the proposed projections, taking into consideration the loopholes that contribute to the weaknesses in our system. These can be addressed collectively before the region is in complete disaster. Schools and some churches have opened and more businesses are opening, meaning the attention to loopholes and weaknesses needs urgent attention.

Thank you to all frontline healthcare workers who work tirelessly and diligently to take care of our citizens.

We can conquer this Covid-19 crisis confidently and fearlessly.

Simbongile Pambuka, Magers Pharmacy


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