Queensview residents table petition

Queensview Park residents tabled a petition of service delivery-related demands to Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) mayor Luleka Gubula, who visited the community to learn about land grabs that took place last week.

Resident Luyolo Kabeni, who read out the petition during the gathering, indicated the residents of the area felt neglected by the local authority as they often had to dig deep in their pockets to paint road markings and fill potholes in the area.

“Our street lights have not been working for a while and this causes many safety problems. Residents painted a yield sign on one of the streets that we thought required a stop or yield sign because cars speed through it and, because this is a residential area, children often play there. We asked that the gravel road to Fincham’s Nek be tarred or paved and supplied with speed humps, because all the dust comes into our homes and there people with respiratory and lung illnesses who are negatively affected. There has been no cutting of grass for a long time and we kindly ask for that service,” said Kubeni.

He appealed to the mayor to arrange for driving school instructors to stop using the area as a practise ground for learner drivers, indicating that they contributed to the destruction of the roads.

Kubeni said there was a growing criminal element that was a major concern and that the fencing of the entire area would assist a great deal in rooting it out, including the recent unprecedented land grabs.

“We are also faced with a daily problem of livestock roaming the streets and entering people’s homes, sometimes causing damage. We ask that the municipality provide clarity about a group of farmers claiming to have grazing rights on the land between Sabatha Dalindyebo and Queensview Park. This is one of the reasons we are asking for clear demarcation and fencing of Queensview Park.

“We ask for the closure of the three unauthorised entrances to Queensview. The residents already have a plan for them, but if the municipality assisted we would be thankful. We call on the mayor to ensure the illegal land invasion is stopped as it will decrease the value of our properties.”

Gubula said all the matters raised were the responsibility of the municipality and that some of them could be easily resolved because they did not require any revenue expenditure.

“For instance, the demarcation and closure of illegal entrances can be done by digging trenches so that vehicles are not able to drive past. We would obviously cordon off the trenches so that people and animals are not endangered,” said Gubula.

The mayor said all service delivery issues joined the queue of the municipality’s integrated development plan (IDP) and would be addressed in due course.

“I cannot provide time frames on when these matters will be resolved because I do not want to make empty promises. However, we have a petitions committee that will review yours and see to it that issues raised are addressed in accordance with the municipal mandate, which is service delivery.”

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