As SA feels the cold, at least cough syrup and hearty foods are cheaper

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Cough mixtures, along with several food products that are hearty and perfect for the cold weather that has swept through the country, are slightly more affordable at the moment.

This was according to Stats SA on Wednesday.

Referring to a report on the Consumer Price Index, Stats SA listed these food items as stewing beef, custard, hot chocolate and peanut butter.

Cough mixtures, which usually went for about R47.89 per 100ml, were now averaging about R46.39.

While the average price of stewing beef was R92.87, Stats SA reported that it had gone down to R86.77.

Five hundred grams of hot chocolate had previously averaged about R54.24 but the average price was now about R53.69.

Meanwhile, the average price of custard had gone down by a rand to R25.85 per litre.

Peanut butter was also a few cents cheaper at R31.49 — a save from R32.12.

It may be a good idea to stock up on these as the SA Weather Service on Wednesday told TimesLIVE that it was possible that the country could see another cold snap before officially welcoming spring.

While many may be startled by the sudden cold weather, forecaster Bransby Bulo said this was not the coldest winter the country has seen in recent years.

“The weather we are experiencing, including the snowfall we have seen, is not that much. In previous years, we have seen so much snowfall it called for road closures, but now we didn’t see it any of that,” said Bulo.

Despite the chilly conditions, he said the cold front had already made its way past the country.

“The cold front has moved through and left behind the cold weather. It is just cold air left over by the snowfall from the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and even the Lesotho mountains.”

Despite the clear skies, the cold is expected to persist for the rest of the week.


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