Youth-driven NPO has soup kitchen for kids

A BETTER COMMUNITY: An organisation formed by young people of Hewu held a soup kitchen last week to help feed children in that area Picture: SUPPLIED

A group of friends who formed a non-profit organisation, Movement for a Better Hewu, recently held a successful soup kitchen to feed young children in Whittlesea.

This youth-driven organisation, which consists of more than 20 members from Hewu, was formed in July with the aim of assisting the disadvantaged in that area.

We saw that there was not much development in our community so we young people felt we wanted to come together, take initiative and be the change that we want to see. It started off as a group of friends who talked about these issues and we wanted to address them,” said co-founder Khanyisa Mabece.

We decided on the soup kitchen because we saw that some children’s keenly anticipated meal of the day was the one from school and they are currently not attending on every day due to the pandemic,” she said.

The group catered for three to 16 year-old children at Mabuyaze location. Mabece said the soup kitchen took place on Wednesday and Saturdays, with contributions made by members. She said Sasko committed 20 loaves of bread a week for a month. The organisation has planned a series of events to drive positive change in that area.

The group recently participated in a silent march against gender-based violence in support of two young girls who were reportedly murdered in Whittlesea. “We are also working on other projects like trying to improve the Whittlesea library, a community clean-up and planting of trees, to mention just a few.”

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