‘Some hysterical voices you simply must ignore’: Thuli Madonsela

The corrupt are “mobilising for the support of the very people from whom they have stolen,” says Thuli Madonsela.

Former public protector Thuli Madonsela’s cryptic “thought” has set tongues wagging online, with some speculating that she was throwing shade at her detractors.

On Monday, Madonsela shared “a thought” about never giving up and ignoring “hysterical voices”.

“In Zulu, we say umuntu akalahlwa, meaning never give up on a human being – but there are some people whose hysterical voices you simply must ignore for your own peace of mind,” she said.

The post drew various reaction from many, including media mogul Felicia Mabuza-Suttle.

This week Madonsela was the topic of conversation after sparking up a debate that South Africans should not wait for corrupt leaders to be found guilty in a court of law to remove them from power. She said corrupt leaders should be removed from power.

“The corrupt are now mobilising for the support of the very people from whom they have stolen,” she said.

Madonsela said social justice is important if SA wants to make progress in the fight against corruption.

“If we want SA to do better using the opportunities presented by Covid-19, we will have to do better on three fronts — social justice, ethical governance and rule of law.

“We have to stop saying we are going to deal with people and remove them from power once they have been found guilty in a criminal court. We have to remove them when they are unethical because that’s what the constitution says.”

Last week she also got people talking by suggesting that amnesty be granted to corrupt individuals who played a “minimal but critical” role in the act. She argued that lowering the consequences for those found to be corrupt would allow the country to start with a clean slate.

“I think some people would self-disclose if they knew they would be given an opportunity to do so without dire consequences,” she said.

By Unathi Nkanjeni- TimesLIVE

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