‘Elect leaders who will serve’ Ngcukaitobi

SIYANQOBA RALLY: The ANC provincial leader, Lulama Ngcukaitobi speaking to party members about good leadership and rooting out corruption at the Indoor Sport Centre Picture: ANDISA BONANI

The ANC provincial secretary, Lulama Ngcukaitobi  has called upon the party leaders to resemble the kind of leadership that was displayed by its fallen struggle heroes, who he said had unwavering commitment to the revolution in South Africa.

Ngcukaitobi was speaking at the Indoor Sport Centre during the party’s Siyanqoba Rally ahead of the by-elections in ward 11 on Monday.

He said the fallen leaders had a sustained determination to serve the people it led with integrity, and did not bring the organisation into disrepute – unlike the present ones.

“The people want leaders who resemble the attitudes and behaviours of our fallen struggle heroes. Today’s leaders are looked upon with contempt because it is clear there is something wrong with the way we conduct ourselves. Our fallen leaders had unquestionable ethical and moral standing, we never heard about them having stolen from the poor.

“They were very loyal to their struggle for freedom, they were militant, but that did not translate to ill-discipline. Militancy did not substitute humility among them, nor did it lead them to forsake the people they led.”

Ngcukaitobi warned ANC leaders against using the opportunities they were afforded by the party to seek popularity.

“As we aim to renew the organisation, we have agreed that we will fight against the capture of the organisation because people tend to be selfish in their pursuit of individualistic interests. We must not, when we are put in positions of power, act as though what we are there for is just the money. We need to accept our sins that portray us in a negative way because people judge us by the leaders we have elected.”

The provincial leader said in the process of the renewal of the party, members of the organisation needed to campaign against all forms of corruption.

“One of the reasons some people do not like the ANC is because it is no longer known as the party of the nation, but that of thieves. We have a responsibility to bring positive change to the people, which includes the delivery of adequate services like the fixing of roads, refurbishment of the water and sanitation infrastructure, access to electricity and the provision of houses.”

He said instead, comrades were taking advantage of women by requesting sexual favours in exchange for jobs meant for community members.

“Members of the ANC must collectively fight against the abuse of political and public offices. We must concentrate our energies on ensuring that women are protected at all costs and fight against the tendency of using our position to get sexual favours from women.

“When ANC community leaders handle matters pertaining to the community like the employment of people, we know there has to be a committee to oversee the project to avoid the recruiting of leaders’ relatives and partners.”

Ngcukaitobi said the plague of ill-discipline in the party would lead it to its demise if its members did not elect reputable people who were fit to lead and serve.

“Public representatives and leaders of the ANC especially should do these three things at all times, they  must be found among the people who elected them, helping them with their problems. They must be where they are deployed and enforce the law so that governance is conducted in a good manner to help the people, they must loyal, committed to the principles and policies of the organisation they represent.  We should be loyal servants of the people,” he said.

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