Showing lost kids the way

PLAYING TOGETHER: Phoenix FC players and Komani children after playing numerous games at the Dumpy Adams Sport Complex on Saturday Picture: NTSIKELELO QOYO

Local football club chairperson Ringo Klaas wants to integrate street children in Komani with his team so that they are involved and developed in sport, and hopefully get help to go back to school.

The Phoenix chairman said he and a human rights activist conducted a street outreach where they gathered children living in the streets of Komani to find out what their situation was.

“We interviewed the children and invited them to play a few fun games with my team so they could feel how exciting it was being part of a team. This was also to teach them that whatever happened that led them to live in the streets, other children went through similar struggles, but still played sport and stayed in school.”

Klaas said he did not involve other teams because he feared other children may look down on the ones from the streets and that he was comfortable with his boys because he had taught them about helping those who were less fortunate.

Komani human rights activist Zintle Feza indicated that upon interviewing the children, they learnt that the majority still had homes, but were out of school and spent their days looking for food in town.

“During the interviews we wanted to find out what led them to the streets and who they lived with at home. I also come from a poor background so I relate to their struggles. From this point on we will continue to engage them in sport. In the meantime we try to seek resources so they can be assisted with their needs to prevent them from spending the day in town begging for food.”

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