Babies born to Covid-19 mothers have antibodies, Singapore study finds

Clay “caganers” figures wearing masks, which symbolise defecation and fertilisation of the earth, and are believed to bring prosperity and luck for the coming year, are displayed at the Santa Llucia Christmas market in central Barcelona, during the coronavirus disease outbreak, in Barcelona, Spain, on December 17 2020.
Picture: REUTERS/Albert Gea

All five babies born to women with Covid-19 infection during a study in Singapore have had antibodies against the virus, although the researchers said it is not yet clear what level of protection this may offer.

The findings from a study of 16 women released on Friday also found that most were mildy infected, while more severe reactions occurred in older women with a high body mass index – a trend that is mirrored in the general population.

Of the five who had delivered their babies by the time the study was published, all had antibodies, according to the Singapore Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research Network.

By Reuters

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