Nelson Mandela Bay’s daily infections declining

NMB mayor Nqaba Bhanga “optimistic” as Covid-19 figures drop in December.

Nelson Mandela Bay has shown a slight drop in the rate of new daily infections, with  mayor Nqaba Bhanga cautiously optimistic about the metro’s Covid-19 situation..

Compared to figures at the beginning of December, the latest statistics show the Bay has seen a decline in daily infections.

Between December 4-10 an average 416 positive cases were recorded, while the figures dropped to 227 the following week.

In a statement released on Sunday, Bhanga said: “Although it is a good sign, it does not mean that we can now rest on our laurels as we are still firmly in the steely grip of a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.”

He said the city was grateful to residents who complied with the Covid-19 regulations , and called on those who were less diligent to adhere to protocols in the interest of public health.

“Please continue to wear your masks, wash your hands regularly with water and soap, sanitize and ensure physical distancing.

“We are in this together and a decline in new infections is a step in the right direction to address the coronavirus scourge and lighten the load on our public health system.”

Nelson Mandela Bay currently has 2,058 active Covid-19 cases.

Since the start of the pandemic, total of 49,910 cases have been recorded, which include 2,133 recorded deaths and 45,719 recoveries.

Bhanga said law enforcement personnel should be commended for their efforts to ensure compliance with the Disaster Management Act, as well as implementing road safety campaigns and intensified law enforcement as the festive season commenced.


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