Mandrax dealers get stiff sentence



Guilty of possession of 4,500 Mandrax tablets worth R 315, 000

A woman and a man found guilty of possession of 4 500 Mandrax tablets worth R315 000 on the N6 in 2018 were sentenced in the Queenstown magistrate’s court on Monday.

Nonzwakazi Situ, 45, and Jongikhaya Mozo, 22, were arrested in July last year and charged with being in possession of illegal drugs.

Magistrate Ganasen Narayamsy fined the duo R30 000 each, failing which both would serve sentences of 80 days imprisonment.

The possession of drugs is a serious social offence. It affects families and is against the moral standards of the community. If the court is too lenient on this matter it will lead to public outrage. However, if it was too severe the court would be considered inhumane,” the magistrate said.

The two were nabbed on their way from East London where they had bought the drugs which were intended for Newvale.

Prosecutor Khungeka Tshaka said Mozo was not a first-time offender. In 2011 and 2012 he was found in possession of drugs in Durban and released on bail. It was, however, the first time Situ was being charged.

“When people use drugs they commit more crime.”

Tshaka added accused showed no remorse.

Defence lawyer Luyanda Magxidolo pleaded with the magistrate to be lenient as the case was old.

However, Magxidolo said he was aware of the severity of the crime.

Situ is unmarried with four children, one them a minor. The four children depend on social grants. Their mother has no stable employment and survives by selling clothes seasonally.”

Magxidolo said Mozo should be given a non-custodial sentence as he had two children of six and two who lived with Mozo and his wife. Both children received grant payments. He added that Mozo had no formal employment and sold wood seasonally.


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