NPC’s efforts all adding up

CHANGING LIVES: Komani local Siyabonga Dyonase is changing the lives of many with his philanthropic work     Picture: SUPPLIED

Former Nkwanca High School teacher and Komani local Siyabonga Dyonase is solving the planet’s problems one equation at a time by eradicating poverty, keeping the environment clean and tutoring pupils.

Johannesburg-based WeSolve4X non-profit company (NPC) chief operations officer Dyonase indicated that its establishment was motivated by the need for a clean planet which would enable humans and animals alike to thrive.

WeSolve4X is said to be a direct response to the growing need for all individuals, from all walks of life to take responsibility for their environment by practically and actively ensuring it is clean and its habitability protected for the next generation.

“We discovered that open fields were not taken care of, but instead used as dumping sites. We came up with a plan for all interested residents to donate an hour of their time to cleaning up places around them. We blow whistles to gather everyone, and when we are done we educate the community about the importance of a clean planet,” he said.

Dyonase said the NPC also had a programme to end hunger and poverty where they trained members of the public on how to start and maintain a garden.

“The programme provides an opportunity to fight hunger and feed the most vulnerable and marginalised communities by providing food parcels and home-based garden support. Families are supported with seeds, compost and farming skills, education and training for their home gardens. We focus on the sustainability and entrepreneurship so that families may generate an income.”

WeSolve 4X also offers an education programme that provides extra mathematics, physical science, accounting and coding classes after school during the week and on weekends to assist pupils.

The NPC also offers master classes for parents to encourage their involvement in their children’s studies.

He said the idea came during the Covid-19 pandemic, when many references were made about liquid science and its effects on the spread of the virus. We have all heard about the importance of a hygienic environment and that it helps kill the virus.

Dyonase said he grew up as a street kid and was brought up by several women which was one of the reasons he wanted to be part of an organisation which aimed to bring about positive change in disadvantaged people’s lives.


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