Plea to help Lesseyton family build home

HELP NEEDED: Wowo Mgedezi, a resident of Lesseyton, shows what was left of his home after it was demolished by severe storms Picture: ZINTLE BOBELO

A 79 year-old grandfather whose mud house was destroyed by heavy rains in Lesseyton wishes to get a proper home for his two granddaughters with whom he lives.

The family of three could have been victims when the house collapsed, are now all occupying one of the remaining rooms in the dilapidated structure.

Wowo Mgedezi said they were fortunate no one was hurt but, the incident had put a strain on their lives.

I was not home on the day of the incident, I was called and I had to rush to attend to the situation. The house had already been flooded and the roof was blown away. There were quite a number of us living here then, but some of my grandchildren have since moved to Cape Town after my daughter’s marriage.” Mgedezi stays with his nine and 19-year-old grandchildren, who both sleep on the floor.

He plays both father and mother to his granddaughters, indicating that because of his age it was hard for him to get his usual piece jobs and they lived off his pension. An RDP house still in the process of completion is situated in his back yard. “I am still waiting for that house (RDP) to be finished because life would be better if we could move there. It has been like that for months and some of my belongings were stolen because there is no safe place here anymore. If anyone could help me build a home for my children, that would mean a lot to me,” he said.

After learning of the family’s dire situation, EFF councillor Luthando Amos made a plea through a Facebook post to help build Mgedezi and his children a home. “It is our responsibility as community leaders to help better the lives of the people and to ensure that they do not live in dire conditions. He built this house himself and he did it for his family. The incident left him distraught. We are still in need of assistance in the form of any building material for a decent home and for the children to have their own privacy as well. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.”

Mgcobo Gwampi, lead data architect and owner at BI-Lab Solutions who had responded to the post, said he had purchased cement required for the project. “The company is still looking to do a bit more to help with the situation. This story touched me and came at a time where I am in a position to help because ‘blessed is the hand that giveth’,” said Gwampi.

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