‘Gomora’ actress Mazet says ‘tired’ Uber driver made her take the wheel

Actress Siphesihle Ndaba plays Mazet on ‘Gomora’.
Picture: Instagram/Siphesihle Ndaba

In one of the latest “unique to Mzansi” experiences reported on the TL, Gomora actress Siphesihle Ndaba joined hilarious conversations about odd things that happened to people while using Uber’s ride-hailing services.

Commenting on a since-deleted tweet in which a person shared that their Uber driver made them drive themselves, Siphesihle shared that a similar thing happen to her in Durban.

The actress, who plays Mazet in the Mzansi Magic telenovela, said the Uber driver told her he was tired and asked if she would be willing to switch seats.

Thinking he was joking, Siphesihle said “yes” … kanti it wasn’t a joke.

“This happened to me in Durban. Uber driver wathi ukhathele and asked if I can drive. I playfully said yes. Did the guy not pull over and jump in the back seat? I ended up driving myself to The Chefs’ table,” she shared.

Finding the incident hilarious in retrospect, Siphesihle’s fans asked if she ended up paying for the ride.

The actress said she paid. She said she was so shocked that she forgot to ask if driving herself meant a cheaper ride.

Siphesihle agreed with one follower that ending the trip — to stop the charges — would have been a great compromise, considering she was the one behind the wheel.

One tweep couldn’t help but involve Siphesihle’s on-screen character, Mazet.

Mazet is a hard-core gangster and the tweep figured Siphesihle should have channelled her inner Mazet and dealt with the Uber driver at Sonto’s workshop.


By Chrizelda Kekana – TSHISALIVE

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