Killer pitbulls put down

Two pitbull terriers that viciously attacked and killed a 70-year-old man in Ezibeleni last week have been put down.
Dr Sheperd Marimbire, a private vet at the Komani Veterinary Clinic, euthanised the animals. Marimbire said he first tested the dogs for rabies and temperament and found that they exhibited no signs of rabies, were not aggressive and were in good health. However, he said: “Animals involved in the killing of a person have to be put down.”
SPCA inspector Miliswa Sithole advised that the dogs be euthanised. She said it would be painful for the local residents to live with the animals knowing they had caused the death of a person while keeping them in the care of the SPCA would place the organisation’s staff in danger.
The dogs entered a resident’s yard in Ezibeleni’s Zone 2 last week and fatally wounded his dog, a 14-month-old German Shepherd.
Ezibeleni resident Ntlantla Nyaniso said he tried to stop the attack on his dog, but to no avail.
On their way out of the yard, they reportedly came across a 70-year-old man walking in the street and attacked and killed him on the spot.
Another Ezibeleni resident, Simphiwe Qashani, said it was not the first time the dogs caused havoc in the area. “The pitbulls have always caused civil unrest and we have been fearing for our lives because this is not the first time the dogs went out of the yard and caused chaos. They once jumped over the fence and chased a local dog and bit it, luckily the owner of the pitbulls was around and he was called to assist. After this incident we never felt safe around that yard,” said Qashani.
He believed the owner of the dogs should be allowed to remain in the neighbourhood but “his pitbulls should be taken from him as the standard procedure. The family of the man [who was killed by the animals] has every right to lay charges,” Qashani stated.
The owner refused to comment when approached.

Picture: K9RL.COM

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