Reading for fun flies by at Louis Rex Primary

Louis Rex Primary School in New Rest celebrated World Read Aloud Day 2021 last Friday.

Language teachers and education assistants dressed up portraying different book characters such as Shrek, Liewe Heksie, Tinkerbell, Fairy Godmothers, Ladybug and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, to name a few.

The aim was to instil a love for reading and also to develop [pupils’] reading skills. The main focus was to read for enjoyment and to use your imagination,” said a statement from the school.

The story ‘Fly everyone, fly!’ was used. “It is a story by Sihle Nontshokweni and Margriet Brink and Leo Daly were responsible for the illustrations. The theme of the story was emphasised: You do not have to be in a real aeroplane to be able to fly.”

According to the statement, different props and teaching aids were used such as flags of Zimbabwe, England, Brazil, Japan and South Africa and paper aeroplanes. One pupil was dressed up as a pilot.

Pupil involvement was vital and each pupil made his or her own paper aeroplane.”

The story can be downloaded on

Both teacher assistants and pupils certainly enjoyed the project and we hope they succeeded in their goal to enjoy reading and to just have fun.”

All the pupils received an emblem with the words ‘Proud to read aloud’, which they had to colour in and can wear around their neck as a reminder that reading can be fun.

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