Father says cops let man flee SA


Three Komani police officers and a captain could face serious consequences for allegedly allowing a man charged with attempted rape of an eight-year-old boy to flee the country, after they were reportedly alerted by the child’s father recently.

The Pakistani man, who was allegedly charged with the attempted rape of a boy, was released on bail of R1,000.

Four days later, he allegedly fled the country from O.R Tambo International Airport.

The suspect next appearance was to be April 23, according to the boy’s father.

However, the father said when he had reported to the police that the matter the suspect was planning to leave the country,they had allegedly told him they could not help him.

The upset father then posted a video on social media, that went viral, in which he said: ”This is Robert standing in front of Queenstown police station [control room]
informing the police about what is happening and my situation and this is the service I am getting as a tax payer of South Africa.”

The father, who cannot be named for the child’s protection, told The Rep the alleged fugitive had rented a flat at his property.

”He offered my son money and made some sexual suggestions towards him. My son told my wife, we reported him to the police and he was locked up.”

He said the suspect had been in custody for two days and was released on R1,000 bail on condition he did not leave the country, but his passport was not confiscated.

”On Friday, the Pakistan community, who said the suspect was giving them a bad name, informed me the suspect was fleeing the country and he was at the Johannesburg airport.”

He then contacted the investigative officer, who said he was not available and there was nothing he could do.

”My wife and I went to the police station with the Pakistan community members and I gave them the case number. They just said there was nothing they could do and ignored me.

”Was it so difficult for them to phone the airport, and give them the man’s passport number and the case number to prevent him from leaving the country?

If they didn’t know how to handle the matter they could have taken it to their superiors.

”I am furious this man got away. The president said gender based violence against children and women was a priority.

”We are taxpayers- the police are there to serve and protect us. We cannot accept poor services. That is why I will not stop fighting until those people are fired,” the father said.

Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana said the provincial SAPS officials had seen the video clip and that the ”circumstances surrounding the alleged incident are currently being investigated.”

”Our office does not want to make any speculations on the matter, as this might put our investigations in jeopardy.”

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