Fears of a black Easter for Cacadu residents


DEMANDING ELECTRICITY: Residents of Mkhaphusi in Cacadu protested outside the office of Eskom in Prince Alfred Street, Komani earlier today   Picture: LUVUYO MJEKULA

Residents of Mkhaphusi in Cacadu may face a dark Easter period considering the area’s erratic power supply.

“If it is windy, it goes off; if it drizzles, it goes off and if there is a thunderstorm, it goes off. It is very weak,” said Zakhele Klaas, speaking on behalf of a group of residents protesting outside Eskom’s office in Prince Alfred Street in Komani earlier today.

Klaas explained: “What brings us here is that we have had an electricity problem since 2010. Our electricity was set up such that we have a single power line and even Eskom people admit it gets overloaded.”

The residents told The Rep that power in the area was off for three weeks before it was restored yesterday. However, they had no hope power would still be on by the time they returned home today.

They handed over a list of demands to an Eskom official who promised to pass the document over to relevant officials. She advised the group to return to the office on Tuesday.

Klaas said: “The on-and-off negatively affects schools and clinics and we lose our food because it gets spoiled.”

The residents vowed to return on Tuesday.

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