Imbizo brings minds together

GAME CHANGERS: Komani Development Foundation executive members, from left, treasurer Luvuyo Rani, fundraiser Xolisa Bangazi, chair Nqaba Nqandela and secretary Mongezi Menye  Picture: SUPPLIED

Sanlam Glacier CEO says leadership vital in business

The Komani Development Foundation (KDF) has introduced an Imbizo (gathering), a new feature which aims to reflect on the wellbeing of Komani and its surrounding areas.

It was launched in a virtual meeting recently and will be added to the foundation’s agenda, which includes education, entrepreneurship and thought leadership.

KDF was started by a group of professionals from Komani in 2016, who sought the progression of the town.

Cape Town-based Glacier Sanlam CEO Khanyi Nzukuma, who was the main speaker, advised entrepreneurs to take cognisance of growing their businesses through leadership amid Covid-19 and economic disruptions.

”As individuals we do not have a lot of control over the bigger issues in the country and the economy, but for what happens in our businesses – and this is where leadership plays a big role – people have a choice on how to react to the unexpected.

”We can either step back into perceived safety or step forward into growth, by finding opportunities and solutions that may not be immediately apparent, ” Nzukuma said.

Adapting a strategy to grow one’s business was vital, he said.

”Thinking like an entrepreneur means having a ‘big idea.’ ”An idea needs to be turned into an opportunity, which means it will have value if it is executed well. ‘

‘Think of an existing problem you could solve for future customers and consider if it can be executed long term.”

He added that leaving a legacy for the next generation was crucial.

When a business grows, Nzukuma said an entrepreneur should consider estate and investment planning to leave a legacy.

”An inheritance is passed down to the next generation of your family to ensure that there is a plan in place for your business if you pass away.”

He urged the young generation to set their own goals without competing with others, but to aim to be the best version of themselves by offering something unique or to acquire skills that others did not have.”

KDF chair Nqaba Nqandela said the dialogue would serve as a motivational platform that will come up with solutions.

“Many of us know that Komani is facing challenges, which is an understatement, he said.

“We aim to contribute to some of the solutions to bring progressive development to our home town and people.”

The foundation has adopted 20 underprivileged pupils in Nkwanca High School and KwaKomani Comprehensive, providing them with educational resources.

“This is about what we could do to contribute meaningfully to Komani as a community,” Nqandela said.

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