Dog finds baby in plastic bag

A 13-year-old boy from Victoria Park had to witness the horrific sight of a dead infant found in a plastic bag by his dog recently.

It is believed that the baby was dumped at the dilapidated Dumpy Adams Sports Complex and was dragged by the dog to the neighbouring houses in Luderitz Street on Wednesday afternoon.

In the presence of his mother the boy, who cannot be named, said he made the disturbing discovery and had called his mother to witness the finding. In a picture shown to The Rep, one of the baby’s legs was dismembered, but it could not be established whether the dog was responsible or not.

We do not know who the mother is and we would not know where to look. We are concerned and want to say if a young girl was pregnant and her friends knew but there was suddenly no baby there should be questions. Community members are concerned that these things happen around us and we do not get much support from local government,” said resident and Queenstown Civic and Ratepayers’ Association chairperson, Aloisious Alexander.

The vandalised Dumpy Adams Sports Complex, now a hotspot for criminals and drug users was a grave concern to residents in the area. During a visit to the facility, The Rep reporter saw piles of rubble inside the building, collapsed walls and debris in what used to be a swimming pool at the facility. A group of young people who were smoking occupied one of the many rooms in the neglected building. It was reported that the building was a haven for drug use and sexual behaviour.

Alexander said he had, on numerous occasions, engaged the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality municipal manager (MM) to demolish the building. “That building is full of vagrants and drug users. People are robbed when they pass. It is a safety issue and a matter of concern. Children play on the roof and if anything happens the municipality will be held liable because it is a municipal building. I have asked the MM to demolish the building or follow due procedure and have the facility declared a disaster zone. We have had no joy. We will see when we write to the mayor and find out what can we do about that place because we do not see it, in the near future, as a building that will be fixed or maintained in a way that we could use it in the near future. We do not see it turning into a swimming pool like it used to be.”

Alexander, who is also part of the community policing forum, said burglaries were a daily occurrence in the area and many young people were found with tools in their backpacks in the early hours of the morning roaming the area. “We know the police are challenged with many issues. We do not have sufficient vehicles to patrol this vast area. We are understaffed. It is a concern that local government is not stepping up to address these things. The community feels we are under threat and we have become fearful,” he said.

Police spokesperson captain Namhla Mdleleni said a case of concealment of birth was opened but no arrests had been made yet.

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