LETTER| Papiyana protest is ‘misplaced’ enthusiasm

Image: 123RF/Julija Sapic

I am an unchanging member of the ANC in the Emalahleni sub-region and chairman of the Cacadu Youth Business Forum.

I would like to comment on the article by senior reporter Andisa Bonani in The Rep of April 16 when a small group of ANC members were picketing outside the party’s Chris Hani headquarters, demanding treasurer Madoda Papiyana steps down from the position he was elected by the voters to occupy.

The Enoch Mgijima branch members’ enthusiasm is misplaced and full of arrogance to think they can take that stunt against the leadership of so many people. Papiyana was not elected by them only, they must have had a consultation with regional branches and sub-regions, not this nonsensical posture they portrayed on our behalf.

The PEC of the ANC cannot take decisions on the feelings of a group of people, even the voters of the ANC are consolidating the membership and making sure the service delivery is rendered, instead of engaging themselves in factional disputes of some group of nonentities and shenanigans.

The ANC or the PEC must consult other branches and sub-regions about this issue, then make an informed decision. Papiyana must step down voluntarily without these members telling him to do so, even with the previous incident.

By Chairman: X Pemba

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