Queen’s star takes Barkly Open with very rare albatross


SHOOTING! Gabriel de Jongh holed his second shot with a 4-iron on a par-5 from 210 metres out to score an albatross Picture: SUPPLIED

In a rare feat that most golfers never achieve, Queen’s star Gabriel de Jongh scored an albatross – three under par on one hole.

In what was to become a memorable day, the morning started early for De Jongh with a slow and hair-raising ride to Barkly East in thick mist.

On reaching the top of the Barkly Pass, conditions were clear but a freezing -9°C.

The players had to dig deep as the golf course was white with frost and their hands were so cold they battled to grip their clubs properly, but as the day warmed up, so did the competition over the 36 holes played by the A division.

On the ninth hole of the first round, De Jongh hit his drive into the rough. His ball was fairly well-placed so he decided to approach the green with his 4-iron as he was 210m out. He struck the ball so well he feared it had gone over the green as he could not see it from where he was.

As he approached the green, he saw the ball was in line with the pin. Players nearer the green called: “Gabriel you have an albatross, congratulations!”

The national Hole-in-One Association, states that an albatross is less likely than an elusive hole-in-one. It sets a golfer’s odds of making a hole-in-one at 12,700 to one. The odds of achieving an albatross are six million to one.

De Jongh went on to win the Open by five strokes with a well-earned 146, making this three wins in a row.

Next weekend he will attend the Nomads’ SA Boys U19 championship in Pretoria.

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