Hexagon’s revamp uplifts town

NEW LIFE: The recently refurbished version of the Chris Hani Hexagon heritage site, in the centre of the town, has brought the spark of Komani back to life after Chris Hani District Municipality gave it a facelift to beautify the area as part of its N6 legacy projects Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA

Komani has welcomed the new Chris Hani Hexagon revamp implemented by the Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM).

The heritage site at the heart of Komani and its people has had the town frowning over its deteriorated state for years.

CHDM began by cleaning and painting the area last week.

CHDM mayor Wongama Gela said the history of the Hexagon had been one of the motivating factors which led to its refurbishment.

He said renovating the site was aligned with the liberation heritage route in the district.

”The are reference groups in place for local municipalities.

”Programmes are discussed and the decisions taken are informed by submissions from various local reference groups,” Gela said.

He said the Hexagon was strategically positioned on the N6, which was a gateway to other provinces.

”The economics of ensuring that the Hexagon was beautified as the face of EMLM and CHDM plays a crucial role in the image of the institutions,” the mayor said.

He said the project was also aligned to the council resolution to revitalise small towns in the district.

”The fencing of the public gardens and the resuscitation of the heritage site will include the installation of a big screen which will assist in displaying municipal updates for the public, such as vacancies or other municipal programmes,” Gela said.

Regarding images on social media of children swimming in the Hexagon fountain, Gela urged the community to not allow this as it affected the attractive image that the municipality wanted to portray.

”We had the same challenge when we launched the Xonxa Dam pipeline,” he said.

Gela urged the people to keep the area neat and clean.

He also encouraged those who wished to make contributions to beautify the site to approach the municipality as it was willing to work with anyone wanting to assist.

Local resident Azikiwe Xashimba, who has for years advocated in the media for the site to be attended to, said he was happy with the job being done.

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