Newvale neighbourhood watch seizes weapons

NO TO CRIME: Newvale neighbourhood watch members embarked on a routine patrol and managed to seize a number of illegal weapons Picture: SUPPLIED
weapons confiscated by the Newvale neighbourhood watch during patrols in the area were officially handed over to the police on Sunday Picture: SUPPLIED

Members of the Newvale neighbourhood watch vowed to continue rooting out crime with their regular patrols when they handed over seized weapons to the police on Sunday.

From the communications desk, Mawetu Ndyalvane said the group took the initiative last month after noticing high levels of crime in the area. He said burglaries and robberies had escalated, especially in the early hours of the morning.

We confiscated a number of dangerous weapons, drugs and electric appliances from young people who walk around at night. We are working hand in hand with Saps and the African Gospel Church to try to address and deal with psychological and social challenges in our area.”

Ndyalvane called on parents to be vigilant, be informed and know their children’s whereabouts. “We call to parents to know what their children are doing, especially at night, as many embark on these illegal activities and in substances that are killing society. We will continue with our program to eliminate crime in our neighbourhood without fear or favour. To those who intend to destroy our society, we say ‘Not on our watch.’”

Police spokesperson captain Namhla Mdleleni said Mlungisi station commander colonel Zanemvula Gwebani commended the neighbourhood watch team for the collaborative effort in fighting crime in the area.

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