WATCH | ‘Mmusi May Main’: CNN host Zain Asher’s Maimane moemish has the streets laughing

One SA Movement leader Mmusi Maimane or “My Main”. File photo     Image: Veli Nhlapo

Social media users have poked fun at an innocent gaffe between CNN host Zain Asher and One SA movement leader Mmusi Maimane after the host had trouble pronouncing his surname.

During an interview this week, Asher referred to Maimane as “May Main”.

“Today, we talk to one activist who says SA’s political system needs to be drastically overhauled for true democracy to take root. Mmusi May Main is the leader …” Asher can be heard saying.

The incident happened during an interview where Maimane appeared to talk about his time in the DA, his plans for the One SA movement and the upcoming elections.

Asher is a British Nigerian news anchor based in New York.

She later described Maimane as “young, charming and very charismatic”.

“One of the things I find very interesting about you and your background is that you were the opposition leader, you were the head of the DA for some time. You are young, charming and very charismatic, a wonderful speaker and you give great speeches…” she said.

Many South Africans saw the interview on social media.

Some weighed in on the gaffe, while others commented on Maimane’s answers to the questions.

Here is a snapshot of some of the reactions:

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