WE NEED TO TALK| Teacher PZ Busakwe deserves to be honoured

Nkosinathi Vuntu

As an educator in the Komani area I felt filled with the reminiscence of legends who played a role in education.

Among them was Pleasure Zola Busakwe (uB).

We used to call him “B” at Toisekraal Village (Trust, efam’ephakathi, efam’ephezulu kwa Bhaka) under the Lesseyton administrative area. As one of his alumni from 1967 -1975, I feel that B’s name should be honoured among icons like Nelson Mandela.

B was the school principal of Toisekraal Public Primary for many years. If one talked of Toisekraal Bantu Community (BC) School, it was aligned with B’s name. He changed the milieu of Toisekraal village through education. He produced people of high profile like magistrates, minister of justice (Ciskei), medical doctors, teachers (like me), police officers etc.

My friend and one of my students at Toisekraal Bantu Community School, Mxolisi Ndoqo, touched me. I was driving a brand new 2021 double cab when I met “Mxi” at Zola village (Lesseyton). He said: “You are driving this beautiful car because of Busakwe and I am a teacher today because of Busakwe.” I sincerely told him that B needed to be honoured by changing the name of Toisekraal Public Primary School to become PZ Busakwe Public Primary School.

Colonial names are changing. Toisekraal is a colonial name and therefore it needs to be changed. Yes, there is a church named after him at Madeira Park (Komani), but that is not enough. B played a pivotal role in education by developing the children of the poor and illiterate parents of Toisekraal village. Some came from as far as Mlungisi location.

He used to call his sjambok “Ucokovan’ unomayokoyoko, inga nenkwenkwe ingamzal’umntwana. We are what we are today because of “Ucokovane”.

*Nkosinathi Vuntu, retired school principal based in Komani.


By Nkosinathi Vuntu

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