Illegal connections adding to EMLM electricity crisis

DANGEROUS: A mini substation in Ngoma Street, Mlungisi, where a number of visible cables crossing the street to a nearby informal settlement have been illegally connected. Cars have to drive over the electrical wires, posing a great danger for motorists and children who normally play nearby Picture: ZINTLE BOBELO

Illegal electricity connections in Komani continue to cause tension among community members with a scuffle reportedly ensuing between residents in Aloe T informal settlement and T section in Mlungisi recently.

T and Q section residents had previously called on the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) to put a stop to the power theft, accusing Aloe T community members of connecting electricity illegally and thereby causing a strain on the system and ultimately power outages.

Aloe T residents, however, demanded that the municipality resolve the informal settlement’s power problems before cutting off illegal connections.

RISKY: Electrical cables illegally connected in Ngoma Street, Mlungisi Picture: ZINTLE BOBELO

According to Komani Civic Forum chair, Zithulele Sana, some of the residents have now resorted to illegally invading people’s houses and forcefully connecting electrical cables. Law enforcement officials were, this week, called to intervene in the matter. The power issue was causing a huge divide among community members, Sana indicated.

Affected individuals were expected to visit EMLM offices today to try and find solutions.

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