Around the greens

Queenstown Bowling Club Social bowls: T Taylor, A Brown, D Wainstein, J Fritz 18, G Fritz, J Fritz, M Gouws, P Littlejohns 17. Bowlers wish Anthony Brown, Andre Scheepers, Peter Littlejohns and Jona Froy best of luck for the Cambridge Classic competition.

Congratulations to Melinda Gouws for winning the club ladies’ singles championship and Michele Morris for getting the runner-up position. Also to Allan Dale for winning the men’s singles championship and Gert Fritz for being the runner-up. Rosanne Alt and Stephen Knepscheld got the “best effort” award.

Happy birthday to Marita Casey for yesterday. Thank you to Michele Morris, John Knepscheld, Stephen Knepscheld, Andre Scheepers and Rowen de Kock for representing the club in the novice competition.

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