Dire water shortages in Dordrecht

DORDRECHT – Last Thursday, the Dordrecht High School, which accommodates 730 children, had to send them home as they did not have water at the school and hostel.

The water affairs department delivered some water at the weekend and the school reopened on Monday.

The school has a 2500-litre tank and is in the process of putting up a sponsored 10000-litre one. The hostel has two500-litre and 5000-litre tanks, and is putting in a 10000-litre tank as well. The tanks are being filled by the water affairs department.

The Chris Hani Primary School has a single 2500-litre tank, which lasts for about three days if it is filled with water.

They have 1300 pupils and are battling severely with the water crisis. They are also cooking for the children daily, and if there is no water, they can not prepare the food.

At Nerinahof Old Age Home they are in need of additional water for the tanks.

Just above the building, a severe water leak is wasting thousands of litres of precious water on a daily basis.

The managers and committee of Nerinahof have, on numerous occasions over the past six or seven months, reported this water leak to the municipality, yet nothing has been done.

Masikhanyise High School has six 2500-litre tanks for their 1047 pupils. It lasts for about three-and-a-half days. If the school has no water, they have to send the children home at about noon, which is affecting education. The school can also not offer its extra classes during the September holiday as a result.

Masikhanyise has not, since February, had an English teacher, nor do they have teachers for life sciences and tourism.

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