Lack of working robots make motorists see red




THE current state of traffic lights in Komani has raised the ire of residents.

Resident Zukisani Mgudlwa described the faulty Street Lights in Robinson Road as a difficult challenge that motorists , pedestrians and cyclists encountered daily.



The traffic lights in Robinson Road have not been working for three years   PIcture: BHONGO JACOB
The traffic lights in Robinson Road have not been working for three years PIcture: BHONGO JACOB

“We are waiting for the  municipality to at least give us the smallest of basic services to the people of this town. Komani is a town, one would expect that the people in the municipality know how a town should be run. It seems as if no one cares, maybe they are not bothered by the situation because they do not drive in this side of town.”


He said the dysfunctional traffic lights have been neglected for a long time and posed a great danger to many people. “It is worse on busy days, there are moments when we have the old people who come from rural areas to get their pension and grants in town. They  struggle to cross at the intersections because of the heavy traffic and obviously the situation is made worse if they have to cross at a place like this. It may seem like it is not much of an issue to some people but we must think of all the old people who are very slow and cannot just run through when they are crossing these dangerous streets.”


Sarah-Lee Peridis has been a Komani resident for 31 years and said the condition of roads and traffic lights maintenance has deteriorated over the years. “ I have lived here all my life. I used to drive down this area regularly when I dropped my nanny off at the end of the day. It could take me anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to get home when these robots worked. It was particularly worse during pay day. Some days I am nervous as taxis don’t always stop or follow the general road rules. It saddens me to see the damage caused on the roads from the strikers burning tyres. Many of our roads are in a very poor condition which is damaging our vehicles and causing accidents and frustration,” she said.


“I work out at Queendustria and the roads past the railway line are shocking and no long term repairs are made. It is ridiculous that residents of Komani have to petition and strike to see roads repaired properly. I would like to see a good proper maintenance plan put into place and carried through.”


Worker Sive Mhlaba uses his bicycle daily to work and said he avoids using the Robinson Road. “ Sometimes it is better to use another route than to drive there . We fear for our safety because there are reckless drivers who  can cause an accident at any time. It would be nice for who ever is responsible to fix the traffic lights  immediately before an accident happens. Our leaders must stop waiting till something happens before they do something about the bad situations we live in.”


Komani residents took to The Rep’s Facebook page to vent their frustration at the situation, with one user saying: “ Surely the point is that local authorities have ignored a serious safety issue for three years, and seemingly incapable of addressing it. Society deserves a governance regime that functions effectively, and clearly they have failed dismally.”


Despite questions sent to the Enoch Mgijima communications officer Fundile Feketshane  two weeks ago, he had not yet replied at the time of going to print.


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