From giant pumpkins to helping job seekers


TARKASTAD – The garden club has challenged the club in Komani to grow a bigger pumpkin than theirs.

Seeds of the Atlantic Giant are now available and must be planted by October 15.

The big weigh-in will be done at the festival on April 1 next year.

So get planting!

TARKA High School had a fun run event to raise funds on September 2, which was very well supported by the pupils.

TARKA Development Group had its first job-market day on September 3.

Participants were assisted in compiling their CVs to highlight their skills, create e-mail accounts and register on online job-hunting sites.

Feedback from the participants was highly positive.

The next job-market day will be October 8, with space for 10 job seekers available.

THERE has been a surge of break-ins in Tarkastad over the past week, both at residences and at businesses.

The economic impact of crime on society is detrimental to development, which affects job-creation and poverty alleviation efforts.

Be alert all.

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