Reformed ex-prisoner asks for job

A FORMER prison inmate from Ilinge has appealed to prospective employers to give him a chance as he is struggling to take care of his nine- month-old daughter without a stable income.


Mthunzi Vokwana said he found it very difficult to get any sort of work since his release, after serving five years in jail for robbery.

“I want to work and not have to go back to my old life of crime.

“Prison is a place I don’t ever want to be in again.

“I have decided to approach the media hoping that someone out there might have something for me to do because I am a changed person and want to create a better future for myself and my daughter.”

He said he was able to do brick laying, tiling and plumbing.

“I obtained a lot of skills in prison. I can work well with my hands. I have worked for construction companies before as a builder on RDP houses in Cape Town.

“I have been here for four months now and have been searching for a job. I come to town and walk around, knocking on various businesses’ doors and hoping that someone might have a vacancy for me.”

The 34-year-old said he spent much of his time attending a local church, to draw nearer to God.

“Some people do not trust you when they hear that you come from prison and it’s not easy to get a job with a criminal record but I have changed. I want to show others that I have put the past behind me.

“I love the keyboard. Sometimes I go to church to play the keyboard because the music makes me feel better. I also did Bible studies in prison and I read my scriptures to get closer to my creator. I hope there is someone who will be willing to give me a second chance in life.”

He can be contacted on 071-994-8382.

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