Posters will go – parties


IT HAS been more than a month and yet  election   posters  still remain on poles dotted around the Komani area – while others remain pasted on walls, bridges and electric substations.

Regional representatives of the various political parties commented as follows when asked about the remaining  posters :

ANC regional secretary Lusanda Sizani said he would alert his party members to remove the remaining  posters . He said the bulk had already been taken off while indicating that the rest would be removed within four days.

OVERDUE: Election posters on a street pole in Cathcart Road Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA
OVERDUE: Election posters on a street pole in Cathcart Road Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA



DA caucus leader Chris de Wet said the party had hired a service provider to remove its  election   posters . When asked about the remaining  posters , he said the service provider would be told to remove these.

“According to municipal by-laws, the  posters  were supposed to be taken off two weeks after elections,” De Wet said.

EFF regional secretary Wonga Dunjwa said: “We have removed our  posters , our party members started removing them last month. We have taken them off in Mlungisi, some areas in town, Top Town and Ezibeleni. We will be removing them in Komani Park. We started with the street poles first and those pasted against walls will be taken off after that.”

When questioned about why  posters  were glued to walls and on bridges, he said tensions were high during the campaigning period and as a result, the party had to do everything in its power to secure people’s attention.

Enoch Mgijima communications officer Gcobani Msindwana said the municipality could not give The Rep information on how long after elections  posters  had to be removed and what the penalties were for late removals.

“The old Lukhanji Municipality no longer exists, we cannot respond on its previous by-laws. We are still waiting for the council to draft the new Enoch Mgijima by-laws.”

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